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Updated at 22:00 on Friday, 22nd June

If you can’t remember your individual match predictions for the knockout phase, here they are. It’s a bit tough to read so you might have to zoom in a bit.

Group Phase Individual Match Score Predictions

The full standings are at the link below and there is a piccy of the top 40-ish a bit lower down the page

WC2018 Standings – Detailed

If you have an attention span like me and find that too much to read, here is a summary of all 177 entrants and their current points total:

WC2018 Standings – Summary

Here are the spread of score predictions for today’s matches. Are you a middle of the roader or out on a limb?

Friday, 22nd June (Saturday’s fixtures to follow in the morning, wine is calling)











Top 40-ish in the standings…

… and here is everybody