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Knock-out Stage entry forms…

Excel Form: World Cup prediction league – entry form

PDF Form:  World Cup prediction league – entry form PDF

Welcome to the 2018 World Cup Prediction League! 

The entry forms can be downloaded from here. I’d prefer it if you completed your entry in the spreadsheet but there is also a PDF version that you can print off and fill in manually and scan back to me. Please return your completed entries to or hand it to me personally if you have the misfortune to bump into me regularly.

Entry fee is £5, £1 of which goes to the Bring Joy Foundation, £4 goes to the prize fund. You can pay me by cash or cheque either in person or c/o Home Instead National Office or by PayPal to If you need to make arrangements to pay by any other method, please contact me at or

Please read the FAQ and rules further down the page for more details.

Before you do anything else, please ensure you are signed-up for mailing updates but subscribing here. Note, your entry will not be confirmed until you have paid but I will know you are planning to enter and will be able to keep you up to speed with news as the competition progresses.



Prediction submission deadlines…









Frequently asked questions…

The full rules for the World Cup 2018 Prediction League can be found on the reverse of the entry form but, in case anything is unclear, here are the answers to some additional questions you may have:

Do I have to predict the actual score for each match? Yes, you need to predict the actual score-line.

But we don’t know yet who is going to playing who in the later rounds, do we? No, that’s right, we don’t. But you will be able to submit a fresh entry form at the start of each phase of the competition; group phase, second round, quarter finals, semi-finals, then the final.

Oh, really? I can’t be bothered submitting 5 separate forms, do I have to? No, if you prefer, you can take a punt on the later rounds right from the start. The entry form lets you fill in your predictions for the whole tournament in one go.

OK, so how do I score points? If you predict the right outcome of the match you will score 3 points. You can score 2 additional points by correctly predicting the ‘home’ team’s score and a further2 points by correctly predicting the ‘away’ teams score.

Will I get a reminder to submit predictions for the later phases? There will be plenty of updates as the tournament progresses. You could (and should) sign-up for formal updates by email, see regular updates via the website and catch up on a match-by-match basis by ‘liking’ the Facebook page. If you still miss the submissions deadline after all that, that’s your problem!

So, when are the deadlines for the different phases? They can be found on the diary page of the website. The deadline for the group phases is 5pm on Wednesday, 13th June.

Do I have to send my predictions in the Excel spreadsheet? I’d prefer it if you did use the spreadsheet, because it will make life much easier for me! But, the Prediction League home page also has a copy that can be printed off and completed by hand.

How do I submit my entry form? You can submit your hand-written form in person to me or Home Instead National Office, or send your scanned hand-written form or Excel spreadsheet by email to

How much does it cost and who do I pay? Entry is £5, £1 of which goes to the Bring Joy Foundation charity.

How do I pay? Preferably by PayPal to If you can’t do that, I can take cash, if you are likely to see me in person. Alternatively, contact me directly and I can give you my account details to arrange for a bank transfer.

How much can I win? £4 of each entry fee will be given away in prizes after the charity money has been deducted. The players who finish in the Top Ten and ties will share the final prize fund as follows: 35%, 20%, 10%, 8%, 7%, 6%, 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%.

Sounds good. Can I ask my mates to join? Yes, of course! Provided they pay their fiver and submit an entry form 13th June 5pm deadline, they’re in.  The more the merrier!

Full competition rules…

  • Fees

Entry fee is £5.00, payable in advance. 20% of all fees collected will be donated to The Bring Joy Foundation, with the remainder distributed as cash prizes.

  • Scoring
    1. Predict the correct match score for all 64 matches in the tournament
    2. For the games in the knock-out phases, the scores after extra time, if played, count.
    3. A correct result prediction (home win, away win or draw) will score three points.
    4. Correctly predicting the ‘home’ team score will earn an additional 2 points
    5. Correctly predicting the ‘away’ team score will earn an additional 2 points
    6. A completely incorrect prediction will score zero.
    7. Each Player’s total score will be the sum of their scores for all 64 matches
  •  Prizes
    1. 80% of all revenue will be paid out as prize money (20% to The Bring Joy Foundation).
    2. Prizes will be awarded to those finishing in the top ten places and ties.
    3. The final prize fund will be distributed across the top ten places as follows: 35%, 20%, 10%, 8%, 7%, 6%, 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%.
  • Submitting Entries
    1. Should they choose to do so, Players can submit their predictions for all 64 matches in advance, ie without waiting for the outcome of the group phase to determine who will play who in the knock-out ties.
    2. Alternatively, players can wait for the end of each phase to see the ties before submitting their predictions for subsequent phases. There will be strict deadlines for entries to be submitted for each phase (see Table 1).
    3. Players can re-submit predictions at any time, subject to the deadlines in Table 1.
    4. Players failing to submit a prediction for any match by the deadline in Table 1 will score zero points for that match.
    5. All entries must be completed on the official form, available from, and can be submitted to the organiser in two ways:-
      1. Hand-written, scanned and emailed to
      2. By completing the Excel spreadsheet and emailed to
    6. The forms will be refreshed as the competition unfolds as the ties for the knockout phases become known.

Table 1