5-4-Friday… World Cup Week 2 things

Running a Prediction League competition for the World Cup, in addition to trying to hold down a proper job, has left me with very little time to do actually watch many of the matches. In fact, it has left me with very little time to do anything at all.

So, this week’s 5-4-Friday is once again very brief and, as with last week, confined to matters away from the core football stuff. A few things this week have, however, struck me as note-worthy. It’s all a bit random, unstructured and picture-less, I’m afraid. And you may well disagree with me but, hey-ho, I’m pushed for time, and I have never missed a Friday yet and have no intention of starting today.

Too shy? – I watched Neymar being pushed over by an opposition defender the other day. He had a proper gormless expression on his face and I couldn’t help noticing – though it’s a bit rich coming from me – that he has ridiculous hair. He looked like I would imagine Kajagoogoo’s Limahl would have looked had he chopped off his ridiculous bog-brush spiked hair. He’s from Wigan, you know? Limahl, I mean, not Neymar.

Luis Suarez – This guy is the gift that keeps on giving. I have heard people arguing that two-footed tackles and flailing elbows are worse than biting somebody. I’m not so sure. I reckon if it was proven that you elbowed three separate people in the street you would probably get a light custodial sentence or, knowing this country, you’d be forced to weed somebody’s garden. If you bit three people in the street, I’m not sure what the punishment would be. There’s no precedent, you see. I do know that, if a dog did that however, it would more than likely be put down.

England – The media clamoured for the kids to be taken to Brazil. Roy complied and was applauded for it. Then, they failed to win the thing and now Woy is a ranker. Did anybody really think we were going to win it? Does anybody really care that those dickheads in the media aren’t happy? Suddenly Leighton Baines is one of the worst players ever to play for England. Really? What a load of shite! At least they have moved on to Luis Suarez for a few days.

Stuck record – Having waxed lyrical about the French and Italian national anthems being better than ours, I was happy to hear that ridiculous repetitive dirge that passes as the Argentinian national anthem as I drive home from work on Wednesday. Then, the commentator informed us that the CD they were playing in the stadium was stuck. So, we still have the worst national anthem ever.

No rubbish games – Well, there are. Bosnia versus Iran was never one that I ‘ringed’ before tournament started as a much watch game. However, as its kick-off coincided with having to attend Alex’s Boys’ Brigade awards night, complete with happy-clappy Church of England music group, the text feed on the BBC and LiveScore app feed suddenly became very appealing/

See you one the ice – Griff






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