8 Seasons!!

Wigan Athletic Football Club is producing a book to commemorate securing an 8th consecutive season in the Premier League on the back of a magnificent end of season run of results. The club is asking for fan’s recollections from the last home game of the season against Wolves, a match that, for once, had absolutely nothing riding on it. The club has asked for a maximum of 150 words from each contributor. Given a few spare minutes the other lunchtime, here is my effort – 150 words exactly, at the first attempt! I bet it gets left on the cutting room floor, though.

“What an absolute joy it was to arrive at the DW stadium for the final league game in May without the stomach-churning, nail-biting, blood-curdling tension and dread that accompanied previous end of season matches. Having triumphed over high-flying Liverpool, Arsenal, Man United and Newcastle in recent weeks, a relegated Wolves side held no fears for a team that had already secured its eighth season in the Premier League. Even the inevitable concession of goal in the middle of the minute’s applause celebrating that achievement could not dampen our spirits and the party atmosphere.

As exciting as those famous recent nail-biters with West Ham, Stoke and Blackburn undoubtedly were, give me the relative boredom of a dead rubber any day of the week. If this is what mid-table mediocrity looks like, then bring it on please! I was even happy to see them score again right at the death. We’re safe!”

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