Dryathlon, January 2014 – Day 31

Day 31 in the Big Dry House and Chris is in the Diary Room! 

Well, thank God that is over with! That was officially the longest month ever!

But it, was definitely worth it. As I write, I personally have managed to raise £545, way in excess of the initial £250 target I set myself. As a five-strong effort from the PIP team at Guinness, we have also exceeded our group target of £800 by raising a magnificent £1195!

Those of you who may have doubted that Louise, Keith, Nick, Paula and I would actually do it still have time to donate at the “Sponsor Me” link below.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

During January, I also subjected myself to a Weighwatchers regime, as a result of which, I have lost a paltry 5 pounds. The last time I did Weightwatchers I lost much more than that, so I can only conclude that giving up booze has restricted my ability to shed the pounds. I will, therefore, never be giving up alcohol again. It is clearly detrimental to my health and well-being.

I have also noticed in January that no-one seems to know how to make a decent lime and soda. However, as I will never drink the stuff again, I don’t really care.

Finally, I’d like to take the opportunity once again to thank each and everyone of you who sponsored us in our efforts to raise this magnificent sum for Cancer Research UK. You will be very glad to know that I will stop pestering you now!

See you on the ice – Griff


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