Even Squeakier Bum Time

A few weeks ago, for the delectation of Wigan Athletic fans ruminating over the potential outcome of the Premier League relegation scrap, I posted a results predictor. Now, with just 3 or 4 games to go, the battle has become tighter than a camel’s arse in a sandstorm.

Below is the link to the predictor:


Ignore the fact that there seem to be two teams missing from the table – Fulham and Stoke – in between Southampton and West Ham; it’s a hangover from the original spreadsheet. Anyway, its really the teams below them that matter.

Just done my own effort and I have us languishing in the bottom three by a single point going into the last game in which we beat Villa, sending them down. We also leap-frog Sunderland and Newcastle who suffer final day defeats and finish in 15th place with 39 points. ooh, Mr Whelan will be pleased.

Nurse, the screens!!


12th WEST HAM   -6 48
13th SOUTHAMPTON   -10 45
14th NORWICH   -22 42
15th WIGAN   -23 39
16th SUNDERLAND   -16 37
17th NEWCASTLE   -26 37
18th ASTON VILLA   -26 37
19th QPR   -31 28
20th READING   -34 25

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