TNF Xmas Do


This year’s do will be in the afternoon and evening of Friday 9th December in the Wigan Lane area.

The day will commence with some traditional bar-room activities, such as darts, dominoes, cards, and snooker and pie and peas. Venue will most likely be Swinley Labour Club.

We will start from 1pm, and will gradually meander down Wigan Lane towards town as the day progresses.

To maintain the ‘old man’ theme, there will be something of fancy dress aspect to the day. Each attendee will be allocated one other attendee (draw next Thursday, 17th November) and will have a budget of £10 to buy their allotted TNF-er an outfit (trousers, top, coat?) from charity clothing outlet of their choice.

In order to make this as sensible as it can be, each attendee must provide their vital statistics (chest, waist, inside leg) so that the buyer can get as close to a good fit as possible. Post your sizes on the TNF Whatsapp group and I will collate them all on this page.

On Thursday 1st December, bring your purchased outfit (wrapped up nicely, or otherwise concealed) to TNF and handover to your selected recipient so that they have time to make any necessary alterations.