5-4-Friday… 5 day off things

It’s coming to the end of the holiday year at work and so, as usual toward the end of March, I have found myself trying to shoe-horn in the odd day off to avoid losing them completely.

Here are a few things I have noticed from being at home during the day, things I obviously wouldn’t normally see being as I am usually out at work between 7 and 7 most days of the year. I’ll keep this brief because I’m on holiday and don’t really want to waste it talking to you lot.

  • I have seen people who live on this estate who I have never seen before. Perhaps they only work at weekends which is why I never see them.
  • The morning and afternoon school-runs are nowhere near as much of a faff as people make out. Try battling with the M6 traffic twice a day. Just get on with it!
  • It takes 24 minutes for the news items on Sky Sports to rotate. So, 24-hour sports news is actually 24-minute sports news. I wonder if I can get a reduction on my subscription.
  • A massive amount of people who start work/school at 09:00 clearly aim to get there no earlier than 08:59. I bet they leave at 17:00 on the dot, too.
  • Your two cats, the ones that terrorise you and your furniture every single evening, spend the entire time that you are out at work sleeping, conserving energy to enable them to totally piss you off when you get home.

See you back at work – Griff

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