Chris Griffin is Wish FM’s Twitface of the Day


On Friday, 5th July I made a brief appearance on Tony Horne’s Wish FM radio show as his “Twitface of the Day”.

The whole purpose of the exercise was to promote the forthcoming book of twisted lyric punnery which I am currently co-writing with Jonny Fairclough. However, I failed spectacularly to even mention the new book at all.

Still, it was a pleasant five minutes or so, and you can listen to it in all its pointless glory by clicking the link below.

0705 Chris Griffin Twitface

The book is scheduled for release at the end of the August, around about the time when everyone will have finished going on holiday and will no longer be looking for something new to read. It’s fair to say that commercial timing isn’t our strong point.

Anyway, enjoy…




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