Dryathlon, January 2014 – Day 22

Day 22 in the Big Dry House and Chris is in the Diary Room! 

We are almost there!

Just 9 days to go now until the end of January and the Guinness PIP Team is well on the way to achieving its target of raising £900 for Cancer Research UK by abstaining from alcohol. We just need a final little push to see us over the £900 line. Please try to donate whatever you can, every contribution is vital.

For those who thought we wouldn’t stick it out, we’ve proved you wrong. Well, we have so far anyway, and I don’t envisage us failing you now. Dig deep, please!

A couple of rather strange Dryathlon-related things have occurred in the early part of this past week.

Firstly, on Monday, 20signthe 20th day of the Dryathlon, and with no prompting whatsoever, Wigan Council saw fit to reward my sterling efforts thus far by installing a commemorative “20” plaque on the lamp-post outside our house. I was about to send an email thanking them when I was distracted by some boy racer tearing down the street at about 40 miles per hour. People really do drive too fast down our estate. And as much as I am pleased that the council has seen fit to recognise the sacrifice I am currently making in the name of charity, I can’t help thinking that their efforts should be more focused on deterring those idiots that insist on driving at excessive speeds in residential areas.

Secondly, I am fully aware that my writing is not to everyone’s taste. However, even I was taken aback to see the lengths to which some very famous (dead) people appear willing to go to dissuade me from rambling on. Check out the video below to see what I mean…

What the quenelle sparked this?

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See you on the ice – Griff

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